Alternative Weather Sites

Firstly the trusty BBC site is user friendly allowing you to enter your postcode for a bespoke forecast which always appears on the front page of the BBC news page. It uses the Met Office model data. 

MetCheck This site uses the American forecast model data and allows you to make your own graphs of forecast weather parameters and another useful site is MeteoGroup which also uses American forecast model data and Met Office radar data.

For rainfall see:  and rain alarm and is another good weather forecast web site in Norwegian.

Weather on line is another interesting site with historical data. is a site from the Weather Channel and gives a local forecast is a good site for visualising the wind field over the U.K. at the current time
has loads of maps of present and forecast weather using the American model.

Ant Veal's amateur's site here.

The Tornado storm research organistion site here. a german site with good graphics.

If you are driving in UK always worth checking the Highways Agency Site

If you are travelling to Europe this site shows you if there are any weather warnings in place in your destination country, click here.

and if you are travelling to the U.S. this site is worth a visit or want to go skiing then click here.

A cloud spotters web site is here.